July 24, 2024

Burl Woody

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Things I Learned About Australian Culture Through The Movies

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Australia is a beautiful country, filled with majestic mountains and lush forests on one end and tropical beaches on the other. It’s a place where you can see koalas in trees or kangaroos hopping down the street. So many different people have come up with so many different ways to describe Australia—and all of them are true! But if you’re planning an Australian vacation, there are some things that will make it even better than just being there. For example: did you know that Aussies love their food trucks? Or that they’re not afraid to walk around in cold rain because they know it’ll make them healthier? There are tons of fun facts about this amazing country that make it such an awesome place for travelers; here are just a few of my favorites:

The Aussie accent is very soft and melodic.

The Australian accent is very soft and melodic, with a slight twang. It’s not as harsh as American accents, nor is it as strong as British accents. In fact, if you listen closely to an Aussie speak English (or any other language), you’ll notice that they often omit syllables from words such as “ta” instead of saying “thank you”.

It’s hard not to notice this difference when watching movies set in Australia; even though they are speaking English with different intonations than most people would use here in America or Britain, it’s still easy enough for us Americans or Brits to understand them without difficulty!

They have lots of food trucks.

Food trucks are a big part of Australian culture. They’re everywhere, and there are so many different types! You can find them in major cities and towns all over the country. If you’re looking for something delicious and authentic, food trucks are a great way to meet locals and try some new things (like tacos!).

Water is the most important thing ever.

  • The Australians are very conscious about water conservation. In fact, they have a special water saving shower head, toilet and sink that don’t use any water at all!
  • They also have a special dishwasher that doesn’t use any water either.

They’re not afraid to walk around in the rain, but if it’s too cold out they’ll bring an umbrella.

The Australian people are not afraid to walk around in the rain. They carry on with their day-to-day activities, no matter how much it pours outside. If it gets too cold out, though (or if there’s a storm), you’ll see them carrying an umbrella and wearing a raincoat or other appropriate outerwear.

They drink a lot of beer and wine, but not too much whiskey or tequila…unless there’s a special occasion.

After watching many Aussie movies, I can confirm that Australians drink a lot of beer and wine. In fact, they even drink more than Americans do! But don’t think they’re just drinking all the time–they know when to stop. When it comes to whiskey and tequila, though…not so much. If there’s a special occasion or someone wants to celebrate something big in their lives (like getting married), then yes: we’ll have some whiskey or tequila on hand for those moments too!

Their hair style of choice is what they call “the mullet” (similar to the American “mullet”). It’s when one side of their hair is long and the other side is short.

The mullet is a style of hair that originated in Australia. It’s when one side of your head is long and the other side is short. For example, you could have long hair on the left side of your head and short on the right, or vice versa.

This gives off an air of rebelliousness but also gives people something to talk about when they see it!

Australians are very casual about their health care system, but still take it seriously. They value preventative medicine and don’t think it’s weird to go in for annual checkups even if they feel fine.

Australians are very casual about their health care system, but still take it seriously. They value preventative medicine and don’t think it’s weird to go in for annual checkups even if they feel fine.

This is not the case in America, where we have a much more ‘go-to-the-doctor’s office only when you’re sick’ mentality. In Australia, people will go to the doctor for annual checkups or just because they want some advice on how to live better (e.g., stop smoking).

Read up on Australia before visiting!

Before you book your ticket, I highly recommend reading up on the culture and history of Australia. It’s a beautiful country with many things to do, but it can also be confusing if you don’t know what to expect.

It may seem like an obvious suggestion, but I’m going to say it anyway: read up on Australian culture before visiting! A lot of people assume they know all there is about this wondrous land by watching movies like Crocodile Dundee or Mad Max: Fury Road (both excellent films). But there are plenty more cultural quirks that won’t come across in film alone–for example, Australians love their sports games so much that even when they’re playing against each other at international events like the Olympics or World Cup Soccer matches held overseas like France 2022; they’ll still cheer each other on as loud as possible because everyone knows how much pride goes into representing their country abroad! It’s such an honor for them so even though there might be some tension between teams during competition time; everyone knows enough not trash talk too much about each other publicly afterwords since this could get messy fast…


If you’re planning to visit Australia, I recommend reading up on the culture beforehand. It will help you fit in better and avoid any awkward situations. You don’t have to memorize every little detail about this amazing country, but knowing a few key facts can go a long way toward making your trip more enjoyable.