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Traditional Australian Crafts and Folk Arts

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Australia is rich in the arts and crafts of its indigenous people, with many traditional Australian aboriginal art forms. There are also a number of markets where you can find authentic Aboriginal art and craft items, as well as coastal markets selling bush foods such as kangaroo, emu and crocodile.

Australian aboriginal art

Aboriginal art is a unique expression of Australia’s culture, it is the oldest continuing tradition in the world. There are many different styles of Aboriginal Art, each with their own stories and meanings behind them. Aboriginal Art is a spiritual and cultural expression of the Australian Aboriginal people.

It has been around since they first arrived on this land over 50 000 years ago. The earliest known examples of rock paintings were found in Kakadu National Park which date back 20 000 years ago!

Bush crafts

Bush craft is the craft of making things from natural materials. It involves bush medicine, hunting and tracking, shelter building, tool making and preservation of food sources. Bush crafts include fire making, cooking over coals or open flames and smoking meat for preservation purposes.

Aboriginal art and craft markets

If you’re interested in purchasing Aboriginal art and craftwork, markets are a great place to do so. You will get the chance to meet with artists and craftsmen, who will be happy to explain their techniques. Markets are usually held on weekends and they can be found in every state of Australia.

Coastal craft shops

If you’re looking for crafts and folk arts, Australia has some great shops. In Sydney, check out Crafts by Design in Double Bay or The Crafty Crow in Rose Bay. For Melbourne, there’s Little Birdie on Collins Street and The Craft Collective on Flinders Lane. In Brisbane it’s the Artspace Storefront Gallery at Southbank Plaza or the Art Gallery of South Australia’s shop on North Terrace. Perth has a number of craft stores including Paperback Bookshop as well as several galleries offering local artwork for sale: Arthouse Gallery & Framing Studio (Northbridge), Artwaves Gallery & Framing Studio (Subiaco), Projekt 888 (Fremantle) and more! Adelaide boasts two fantastic independent art galleries that both sell textile products: Imago Textiles Gallery & Studio (Unley) and Kangaroo Island Textile Co-operative

Bush food producers

Bush food producers are Australia’s traditional food producers, and they produce a large variety of foods. Some bushfoods are sold in local markets, while others can be found in gift shops across the country.

Bushfoods include:

Australia has many indigenous arts, crafts and goods.

Australia has many indigenous arts, crafts and goods. These include Aboriginal art, bush crafts and food producers.

Bushcraft is a traditional Aboriginal skill that teaches people how to survive in the outback without modern technology. It also teaches them how to find water sources and catch game animals for food. The craft includes making tools like spears or boomerangs out of wood or stone; hunting kangaroos with a spear; finding your way through the bush using stars as guides; cooking over open fires using only sticks as utensils (this requires patience); making shelters from leaves on branches


Australia has a rich tradition of crafts and heritage that can be seen throughout the country. Whether you’re looking for aboriginal art or bush food producers, there are many opportunities to experience these traditional Australian crafts at every turn!