July 25, 2024

Burl Woody

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Vietnamese New Year and the Year of The Horse

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I recently took a trip to Vietnam, an incredible country filled with friendly locals and beautiful landscapes. But what really impressed me was New Year’s Eve, when the entire country was packed with people celebrating the year of The Horse. It was incredible!

Vietnam is an amazing country for travel.

Vietnam is an amazing country for travel. It has beaches, a rich history, amazing food and many different cultures and religions. Vietnam is a great place to visit because it’s safe and there are so many things to do there!

New Year’s Eve special events in Vietnam

Vietnamese New Year is on the 1st of April, so if you’re planning to visit Vietnam during this time, be sure to book your tickets in advance.

Vietnam is known for its unique traditions and customs–and New Year’s Eve is no exception. The celebrations start early in the morning and last until late at night with fireworks displays and parades through cities and towns across Vietnam. Families gather together to welcome in another year with good food and music before visiting temples or shrines together as a way of paying respect to ancestors who have passed away recently.

Phu Quoc Island – a quiet paradise

Phu Quoc is an island in the Gulf of Thailand, located off the coast of Kien Giang province. It is a popular destination for both foreigners and Vietnamese alike due to its beautiful beaches, great seafood and relaxed atmosphere.

The island has some amazing natural attractions including pristine rainforests filled with exotic wildlife like monkeys, birds and tree kangaroos that can be seen on guided tours through national parks such as Duong Dong or Xa Mat (or “Long Beach”). If you’re looking for something more adventurous then try kayaking along mangrove lined rivers or hiking up one of many mountains around Phu Quoc City – all while enjoying breathtaking views over clear blue waters towards mainland Vietnam!

Hoi An – the ancient town

Hoi An is an ancient town located on the South China Sea coast, about 100km south of Da Nang. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination because of its cultural significance and natural beauty.

Hoi An has been around since the 13th century, when it was established as a trading port by Chinese merchants who came from Fujian Province (which is now part of China). The original name for Hoi An was Faifo (pronounced “Fey Foo”), which means “Happy Harbor.” Today, this quaint little city still retains much of its original charm – especially during the spring festival season that celebrates Tet Trung Thu (Vietnamese New Year) in February or March every year! During this time you’ll see lanterns hung outside houses and stores all over town; people dress up in traditional costumes and visit temples together; everyone gathers at nightfall to watch fireworks light up the sky above Hoi An Beach Park while eating traditional foods like dumplings filled with shrimp paste called nem nuong cuon or sticky rice cakes topped with coconut milk called banh bot loc nhoi am…

Hue – the city of imperial court

Hue is a great place to visit. The city is home to many beautiful sights, including the Imperial Citadel and Perfume River. Hue has lots of historical sites too, so if you’re interested in that kind of thing then this could be your perfect destination!

Hanoi – capital of North Vietnam

Hanoi is the capital of North Vietnam and the second largest city in Vietnam. It was also the country’s capital before 1975, when Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) took over that role.

Hanoi has been an important trade center for centuries, and its rich history dates back thousands of years. The city has been home to many rulers throughout its history – from Chinese emperors to French colonists – each leaving their mark on Hanoi’s architecture, culture and cuisine with their own distinct styles.

My Son Sanctuary – site of Cham ruins and amazing pagodas

My Son Sanctuary is located in central Vietnam and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Cham people were the original inhabitants of this area, but they were conquered by the Vietnamese and converted from Hinduism to Buddhism. These days it’s most famous for its many temples and pagodas, including two stunning towers: one dedicated to Shiva and another for Vishnu.

My Son Sanctuary offers visitors an opportunity to visit an ancient site that has been preserved through centuries of use as well as natural disasters like earthquakes or floods (which have destroyed other monuments). You’ll also appreciate how well these ruins have been restored after years of neglect under French colonial rule!


Vietnam is an amazing country for travel. You can see all the different landscapes, taste the amazing food, and meet some of the friendliest people in the world. If you want to experience something different than your average vacation then Vietnam is a great place to start!